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Navaratna Siromani Bellam Health Centre

Navaratna Siromani Bellam Health Centre: This centre will provide on-site health care for children, staff and volunteers. In addition to this, we aim to provide health care support for the surrounding villages.

Donated by Dr Radhakrishna Bellam and family.

Read this story about HEAL and health care, including our charity’s partnership with Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope (ELoH) to support child amputees in India.

You can still donate for equipment. For example, examination couches, furniture, beds etc.

HEAL intends to make full use of advances in telecommunication and information technology to provide Telemedicine services at its health centre. This involves breaking down distance barriers in order to provide improved clinical health care and medical services that would otherwise not be available in remote rural communities of India. This will also allow HEAL to make full use of medical expertise volunteered by our many supporters in the health care community.

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