Main partner & donor: The Hans Foundation has made it possible to build The Hans Foundation Boys Dormitories & Dining Room, along with the Rajeswari Girls Dormitories, with a total donation of R13.2129412 Crores (£1.28m).

Heartfelt thanks to our other generous donors, who include:

An anonymous donor donated £100k to enable the purchase of 10 acres of land to kick-start the project.

Drs Rita and Arun Aggarwal family.

Mrs Laxmi and Mr Kishore Babu Sajja, founding chairman and managing director of Power Mech Projects Ltd, Hyderabad. They have also kindly donated a cottage to the Primary School complex, as well as uniforms for all of our Paradise children.

The Pinnamaneni family have donated a classroom in memory of Dr Narasimha Rao Pinnamaneni.

Air Charter Service, staff, Christine and Chris Leach, donated a completely furnished computer lab and library.

Dr Dhanunjaya Rao, Mrs Vijaya and Jyothi Chunduri donated the Phanendra Chunduri Institute for the Blind.

Dr Krishna Babu, Mrs Rani Chunduri, Smitha and Dr Sruthi donated the Mrs Ramaseshamma Chunduri Vocational Training Centre.

Dr Kavitha & Dr Lenin Pinnamaneni donated the Jasti Kameswari Preschool.

HEAL Paradise chairman Dhana Prakash and family have donated Rs.1 Crore for a Senior Volunteers Residence, and an additional one acre of land, valued at eight lakhs, to the project.

Dr Radhakrishna Bellam and family have donated Rs.1 Crore for the Navaratna Siromani Bellam Memorial Health Care Centre.

Administration Block & Visitors Centre fully funded.

Sports Centre fully funded.

Jhansi and John Ainsworth

Bommidala Krishna Murthy

Dr Raghuram Sarpepalli

Dr Narashima Rao Vemula & family

Dr RP Sarva, who has donated 10 lakhs to the Paradise landscaping project.

Mrs Rama Laxmi and Dr Saiji Rao Donepudi, who have donated to the furniture fund.

HEAL Paradise board member Mr K Subramanyam, who has donated Rs.5,00,000.

Project director Ranga Prasad, who has donated Rs.2,00,000 to HEAL Paradise.

HEAL Paradise board member Mr Chalapathi Rao, who has donated Rs.1,00,000.