One of HEAL’s main objectives is to be able to meet our commitment to the children in the HEAL Children’s Village and other projects looking after them until they are in a position to support themselves. This means that we have an obligation to generate sufficient reserves to meet the funding requirements needed to sustain our projects and look after the welfare of the children.

Our aim is to hold a minimum of four years running costs in reserve to cover this and safeguard the future of our projects and the children in our care.

Our main projects the HEAL Children’s Village, and the Ankita Children’s Home, HEAL is also helping to meet the funding costs of several other schools through our Poverty Trap project.

We promise not to waste your donations on administrative costs. Unlike much larger charities, we are able to make this promise because we have no administrative offices and no paid administrative staff.  All staff involved in the administration of HEAL are volunteers.

So, with very small administrative costs, much more of your money actually goes to providing shelter, support, education and health care for needy children.

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