HEAL Paradise Village

Work is well under way on our most ambitious project to date – the construction of an eco-friendly children’s village, named ‘Paradise’, which will provide a home for 1,000 orphaned and underprivileged children from Andhra Pradesh and other parts of India.

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The village will create a safe haven where children can be nurtured and realise their full potential, creating a self-sustaining and mutually beneficial community based on the pursuit of happiness through the common good. The village will also lead the way in construction, using recyclable materials and ‘green’ technologies for electricity, water, sewage and edible plantations.

In addition to school buildings and housing for children and their care workers, there will be a health centre, sport and art facilities, guest cottages, edible gardens, a senior volunteers residence and community buildings. A school for the blind is also being built as an integral component.

Also, it is our intention to demonstrate that rural village life can be a bliss compared to ill-planned urban development, with a lot of slums creating misery.

The Village will be a model development and we hope to stem, or stop, the rural-urban migration.

We can only manage this with the generous support of our donors, fundraisers and child sponsors as we are a charity run entirely by volunteers. This has the benefit of preventing monies raised being wasted on administrative costs, with all funds going directly to where they are needed most – the HEAL projects.

If you would like to make a donation, or sponsor a child in India, please go to the main HEAL website, where you will find details of how you can can help.